What To Say To A Girl On The Phone (3 Proven Topics)

What To Say To A Girl On The Phone (3 Proven Topics)

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Very few guys know how to talk to a girl on the phone these days. Which means you can stand out and make her see you as different and more interesting simply by talking to her on the phone. So here are 3 things to talk about that get her intrigued about you and say yes to a date.

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20 thoughts on “What To Say To A Girl On The Phone (3 Proven Topics)”

  1. Hey man how are you?? Bro I have a each problems becouse I speak in Spanish and I don't know how communicate whit a American girl and I don't know is pretty difficult. What can I do in this situation???:(

  2. Don't be scared to make a good Ole fashion phone call boys, the ladies are all too comfortable with texting, that's their frame.They put little if any effort into it. But When they hear their phone ringing, and see your contact pop up, she has no choice but to come out her frame and put forth a lil effort. The power of vocal conversation vs. texts is huge.
    you've just separated yourself from the 95% of other guys who big talk behind text msg, and play into that whole " it's weird to call a girl nowadays" BS .FYI it's weird to think it's weird.
    If she doesn't answer, no worries, leave a nice lil Voice- mail. Either way your pulling her outta frame.
    It's produced for me anyways, my personality isnt always compatible with a tiny lil written txt msg..
    If she's pulled away, wait a couple weeks then call ….. perfect

  3. You see , this only works once in a while but if you’re talking to the girl almost every day for months on end is hard. Be prepared for awkward silences and being in the moment.

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