VICE Guide to Karachi with Suroosh Alvi : Pakistan's Most Violent City (Part 1/5)

VICE Guide to Karachi with Suroosh Alvi : Pakistan's Most Violent City (Part 1/5)

Sure, we hear about violence in Pakistan all the time, but in 2011, more than three times as many people were killed in Karachi than the number of people killed in American drone strikes in the tribal areas. VICE explores the seedy underbelly of this ultra-violent metropolis of more than eighteen million people, and meet the players who make Karachi one of the craziest cities on earth.

Hosted by VICE Founder Suroosh Alvi

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Part 1/5:
Part 2/5:
Part 3/5:
Part 4/5:
Part 5/5:

On a lighter note, VICE throws a party in Karachi:

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37 thoughts on “VICE Guide to Karachi with Suroosh Alvi : Pakistan's Most Violent City (Part 1/5)”

  1. This whole drama is over in 2015, and now this is a peaceful city With extra security, as special force ranger as well as police is all over the city, thanks to the Nawaz Sharif Government👍

  2. Look at Pakistan today! 03/27/2022 failed state on the verge of bankruptcy, govt and the pak army sold the country to China, slaves of the Chinese. Pakistan is for the Punjabi Pakistanis not for anyone else.

  3. Yup that was when MQM and other terror agencies were working in Karachi, bomb blasts happening often now thanks to the Law enforcement agencies, all these scoundrels have been wiped out and Karachi is blooming

  4. This is the most depressing thing i have ever seen, PAKISTAN HAS NEVER FAILED IN MAKING ME FEEL ASHAMED OF BEING PAKISTANI EVEN THOUGH I HAVE MONEY AND BEING IN ENGLAND. it doesn't makes sense as to why some Pakistanis have gang mentality because some have no individual mindset or ability to think for oneself. for no reason on the street no Islam, no praying no fear of life after death, what purpose do these people live for. they need to change their lives, and the man who kidnaps, kills steals off people to serve the community is delusional, what is he going to do on the day of judgement with blood on his hand and debt from stealing and not praying or being a good Muslim. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE LIVE TWICE, THIS LIFE AND THE NEXT, WHAT YOU DO IN THIS LIFE DETERMINES WHERE YOU WILL GO.

  5. I'm watching this in 2021 and I've seen this story unfold, the beginning, the rise, the fall. It is humiliating and quite offending that vice made a documentary on this similar to the ones you'd see in cliche action Hollywood movies. I've seen people die in this story, and for me it is tragic. Not so funny as it might be to Vice.

  6. If you ask any Pakistani, they would say proudly “ Pakistan is a peaceful country. It’s very safe now. Earlier bomb blast happened everyday. Now it’s only like once a week”

  7. Update on Karachi now (2020-2021):

    I was a kid at those time and used to listen from my elders that "halat kharab hai shehr ke " ( city's condition is not good)
    But seeing now, Karachi is recovering . Target killing, cross firing, snatching has reduced to greater degree . It's a very speedy transition but thank God being a girl I can now go around the city without a person for my protection ☺️

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