Two Facts About Malcolm X You Didn’t Know

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There are two facts about Malcolm X that you didn’t know and it is disturbing to learn these facts.

The First Fact about Malcolm X

The Addiction and Prostitution of Laura

Laura was a young girl that befriended Malcolm when he first arrived in Boston to live with his sister Ella. She was a nice girl in high school that wanted to go on to college and study science or medicine.

She was an A student and was the only one that tried to talk Malcolm into going back to school after he told her he always wanted to become a lawyer.

Laura met Malcolm when he was working as a soda fountain clerk at the Townsend Drug Store that was located right across from where Laura lived with her grandmother.

Laura and Malcolm went to a dance one night and it was there that Malcolm met Sophia, a white girl that became Malcolm’s women and his accomplish in his robbery scheme later in life.

Laura, heartbroken over being jilted for another woman never came back to the drugstore again while in school.

But years later Laura runs into Malcolm again but this time Malcolm is a cold bloodied hustler that has a pimp friend named Sammy.

Malcolm and Sammy use a technique on Laura that Sammy has perfected that turns innocent girls into prostitution.

In the autobiography of Malcolm X he gives a graphic picture of what Laura becomes after they turn her out.

“Laura is in and out of Jail because of drugs sells herself to men to support her habit. Then hating the men that uses her she becomes a Lesbian. I blame myself for this and to have jilted her for a white woman makes this a double crime.

The second and most disturbing Fact about Malcolm X

After Malcolm becomes a minister for the Nation of Islam he never locates Laura and helps her through the Nations of Islam’s drug rehab program that was fast becoming nationally recognized as the best.

The Nation of Islam also was building a college specifically for people that specialize in science. Since Malcolm knew Laura wanted to go to college and study science it seems fair that Laura would be perfect for the Nation of Islam’s college program.

Yet not one time does Malcolm X ever mention trying to find and rescue Laura in his autobiography.

He does go out of his way to try to find two former hustlers that once tried to kill him, Sammy who later in the story tried to kill Malcolm over another woman was already dead before Malcolm was paroled and West Indian Archie who threatened to kill him over money was sick and living in a boarding house.

But no recorded attempt was ever made to rescue poor Laura the only person Alex Haley named a chapter after.

These are just two facts about Malcolm X that are hidden in history but they give good explanations how good kids like Laura with bright futures can go bad, even today.

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