Tucson constable Deborah Martinez-Garibay, 3 others, killed after apartment shooting

Tucson constable Deborah Martinez-Garibay, 3 others, killed after apartment shooting

The Tucson Police Department has confirmed four people, including a constable, were killed in a shooting Thursday morning. One of the victims was Pima County Justice Precinct 8 Constable Deborah Martinez-Garibay, appointed to the vacant position by the Board of Supervisors earlier this year in March. Police say Martinez-Garibay and an employee of the complex were serving an eviction notice to a tenant when the shooting happened.

More on the shooting: https://www.abc15.com/news/local-news/about-100-officers-respond-to-shooting-in-tucson


23 thoughts on “Tucson constable Deborah Martinez-Garibay, 3 others, killed after apartment shooting”

  1. I live in the complex and had a run in with the shooter a few months back. That guy gave me the creeps. Even then in broad daylight I remember him having an insane look in his eye. Neither one of the two women was suppose to go in to serve the eviction alone. They were supposed to wait for real back up but decided to go ahead because they were backlogged. None of this should have happened. Angela was a wonderful to work with. We all miss her around here.

  2. May you rest in peace Deborah, and hopefully you repented for lying to my brother and wanting he's money years ago. I just hope you weren't really pregnant at that time like you said you were and wanted to abort.

  3. A few weeks ago, I hugged my elderly neighbor as she cried and crumbled in my arms. On top of everything she's fighting; her housing is at stake. All I could do is lay my hand on her her and pray! We're living in some very DARK times. But, sowing and reaping is REAL. The landlords who sowed NO MERCY will soon be begging for it🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Its such a tragedy for the senseless deaths a civil servants…just simply doing there job. I hope and pray all those left behind to mourn their deaths are comforted and strengthen during this time of sorrow grief and pain 💔 😢 😞

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