Top 10 Places to Meet a Millionaire in Scottsdale by VIP Matchmaker Roseann Higgins

Top 10 Places to Meet a Millionaire in Scottsdale by VIP Matchmaker Roseann Higgins

Roseann Higgins is always at the top echelon events in the Valley on the lookout for love for her private list of most eligible matchmaking clientele.

Because the Phoenix matchmaker has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the Valley, Phoenix Magazine asked her to write about what’s hot and happening for their column “The Buzz.”

Roseann Higgins penned the column “Working the Room” for BizAZ Magazine and “The Local Business Front,” publishes “The Lookout” and the Little Black Book Social Calendar with all the places you want to go to if you’re looking for love or just want to find out where the most fun charity events are in the Valley that offer lots of socializing.

Roseann Higgins is a 21-year Award-winning Arizona matchmaker for her results and is a Finalist in the 2015 BBB Business Ethics Awards.

She is very protective of her private, well-heeled clientele. This list was created at the request of FOX News during Joe Millionaire and aired on the Morning News Feb 4, 2003 with the lovely, vivacious Ilona Carson. We miss her!!

Here’s a blog post she wrote after one handsome young man offered to provide himself for women of means: .

Write to request the 2015 Top 10 Places to Meet a Millionaire in Scottsdale.

As Roseann Higgins and Especially Selective (aka SPIES) celebrate 21 years of introducing the most extraordinary single men and women (since 1994), we are going back in time and sharing those stories and events that got us here.

Mission of love:
If you have single friends who matter to you, Roseann Higgins and SPIES are the best in the matchmaking industry. Voted Best Matchmaker 2014, Ethics Awards Finalist 2015.

Learn if one of our private clientele is looking for someone like you and/or your single, super eligible friends. There is a free application on the website or you can email roseann.
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