Time and Time Again Demo

Time and Time Again Demo

Just me singing a new song “Time and Time Again” for the heck of it.
I mess up. But its alright. Fooling around with a simple video effect nothing fancy.

Time and time again.
When the sun goes down I’m thinking about
the way things could’ve been with you.

And now we’ve reached the end
It happened so fast I’m still wondering how
It feel apart when I thought you felt it too

What happened to those nights
When you would gladly drive right over
And we’d lose track of time
As you smiled at me lying on my shoulder

And I still cannot find
A reason why our chance is over
Couldn’t you see that everything you’ve been looking for
You could find in me…

Days go by again
And the silence from telephone is deafening
It use to always ring with calls from you

Not a single thing remains
What happened to the girl that would call across the ocean
As I’d wait for days for a minute on the phone with you.

What happened to those nights
When we would sneak you inside my room
And fall asleep inside on the couch as I would lay beside you

I could never say goodbye
Ten minutes meant hours as I would stall you.
And I would never let you go to drive away.
Why did you drive away from me?

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