The statement Lila never wanted to have to say :(

The statement Lila never wanted to have to say :(

The statement Lila never wanted to have to say :(

Meh … made some very political statements that weren’t worth saying. I just wish one of our candidates for the presidency of the USA wasn’t a complete laughing stock, and that a large number of people seem to take his humor at face value. I could say much worse, but I’ll keep it to this … for now …

UPDATE: I am in a much better mood on this subject today. I had completely forgotten that there was a political event in downtown Oakland, just a few blocks from my house (and the line to get in literally extended to outside my windows). I didn’t go, even though I generally agree with the message (but among other things, I hate big crowds). It was a bit weird when I was in the bathtub shaving my legs, and I got a phone call from a bandmate who wanted to attend the event, but completely spaced on the fact that he was carrying two knives (which he needs for work, since he spends a large part of his day unpacking boxes) in his pockets. So I let him drop them off at my flat, and then I got a text from one of my closest friends who I hadn’t seen for a couple months, because of both our busy work schedules, so I wound up having to bail on attending the Diablo Valley Girls dinner, which didn’t please me, but seeing my dear friend pleased me enough to more than compensate. (And I got to get my bandmate’s knives back to him after the event) Even more than that, I was pleased to hear that the event focused on platforms and policy, not personal attacks, insults, and spectres of foreign boogeymen. And best of all, it was completely peaceful, with none of the violence that has marred both political events in Oakland, and other presidential campaign events elsewhere in the US. (I’m sure it didn’t hurt that everyone immediately left to go watch the Golden State Warriors claim the Western NBA title after a nail-biting comeback game on Saturday.)

Posted by Lila Brooks on 2016-05-30 10:28:24


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