The Ring Girl – We'll Call You (SKETCH)

The Ring Girl - We'll Call You (SKETCH)

What is that girl from The Ring up to?! Join Fitness BABE-Y 👧🏻 LIVE to see the one and only Vengeful Ghost of an 8-year-old child *SAMARA MORGAN*!!! 💪🧠 📺 👻 💕 ✨

Written by: Ana Maria Defillo
Directed by: Ana Maria Defillo
Edited by: Shea Depmore
GFX: Shea Depmore
VFX: Carina Jollie
Executive Producer: Linda Dianne
Sound: Elizabeth Stamp
Camera Operator: Linda Dianne

Fitness Babe-y: Shea Depmore
Samara Morgan: Jessica Rionero

We’ll Call You Members
Jessica Rionero
Shea Depmore
Elizabeth Stamp
Linda Lopez
Carina Jollie
Mireia Vilanova
Ana Maria Defillo
Michelle Barnes

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Bumper Animation by Erica Estrada


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