The old-fashioned way

The old-fashioned way

The old-fashioned way

A telephone booth in the Walled City. This man started his business three years ago, and during that time has seen it increasingly struggle against the competition of mobiles. The rates are 3 rupees per minute to any landline in the country. That’s about 3.5 cents or 2 pence.

One wonders what the rate of mobile ownership is here, especially amongst younger men who successfully use it to circumnavigate the widespread segregation of girls in society. Message and call packages are a bargain,….. especially during the night hours. And if you don’t have a specific girl in mind who you want to call…just dial random numbers until a nice-sounding one picks up. And if she doesn’t want to talk, just keep on phoning until she does. Yes, one guy once phoned me from 7 different sim cards and left a total of 120 missed calls in a week. I barred his number(s!) for his own sanity as much as mine.

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