Speedbird Looks to S22, Part One…

Speedbird Looks to S22, Part One...

Speedbird Looks to S22, Part One...

After what has been two years of reduced demand owing to COVID-19, there does appear to be some form of normality returning as airlines commence their S22 schedules after much disruption. For one thing, it is great to be able to look at airline schedules once again especially when you look at local carriers like British Airways which always provide interest.
The S22 schedule is somewhat bittersweet considering this schedule no longer includes the now retired Boeing 747-400s which have been a common fixture right up to COVID-19; although somewhat of a blessing as British Airways has been focusing on refurbishing their Boeing 777 fleet with Club Suites which is nearly complete.
Below is the first half of the S22 schedule commencing on 27th March 2022, unless otherwise stated which is subject to change:
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta: Commencing 1st April 2022, BA226/227 utilises Boeing 787-9s until August (official date to be confirmed), changing over to Boeing 787-10s.
Austin-Bergstrum: BA190/191 increases from 5 weekly to daily flights from 1st May 2022, utilising Airbus A350-1000s.
Bahrain: BA124/125 operates daily from 1st May 2022, utilising Boeing 777-200ERs.
Baltimore/Washington: BA228/229 increases from 5 weekly to daily flights from 1st June 2022, utilising Boeing 787-8s.
Bengaluru-Kempegowda: BA118/119 increases from 4 weekly to daily flights from 1st May 2022, utilising 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs.
Boston-Logan: Thrice daily service reinstated; with daily 4-class Boeing 777-200ERs (BA212/213) and twice daily Boeing 777-300ERs (BA202/203 & BA238/239). BA212/213 goes over to Airbus A380s from 9th May 2022.
Cape Town: Reduced from twice to a single daily flight; BA43/58 utilises 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs.
Chennai: BA35/36 increases from thrice weekly to daily from 1st June 2022, utilising Boeing 787-8s.
Chicago-O’Hare: Twice daily utilising Airbus A350-1000s (BA294/295) and Boeing 787-10s (BA296/297). BA296/297 utilises Airbus A380s from 1st June 2022.
Dallas-Fort Worth: BA192/193 operates daily utilising 4-class Boeing 777-200ERs, replaced by Airbus A380s from 1st July 2022.
Delhi-Indira Ghandi: 5 weekly gradually increasing to daily from 1st May 2022 and twice daily from 1st June 2022. BA256/257 utilises 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs, with BA142/143 recommencing from 1st June 2022 utilising Boeing 787-8s.
Denver: BA218/219 increases from 5 weekly to daily from 1st April 2022, initially utilising Boeing 787-9s, converted to 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs from 1st May 2022.
Dubai-International: Double daily resumed earlier than anticipated; BA106/107 utilises Airbus A380s until 8th May 2022, later going over to Boeing 777-200ER/300ERs, and BA108/109 utilising a mixture of Boeing 777-200ER/300ERs. From 22nd June 2022, twice daily flights will utilise Airbus A350-1000s and Boeing 777-200ER/300ERs.
Hong Kong-Chek Lap Kok: Passenger flights resumes, BA31/32 operates daily from 29th May 2022 utilising Boeing 787-9s.
Houston-George Bush Intercontinental: Twice daily utilising Boeing 787-9s (BA194/195) and Boeing 787-10s (BA196/197) from 8th May 2022, with 4-class Boeing 777-200ERs taking over on BA194/195 from 14th July 2022.
Hyderabad-Rajiv Ghandi: BA276/277 increases from 4 weekly to daily from 1st May 2022, utilising Boeing 787-8s.
Islamabad: BA260/261 no longer operating from London Heathrow; now operating as BA2260/2261 from London Gatwick utilising 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs.
Johannesburg-O.R Tambo: Double daily commencing from 1st April 2022; BA57/54 and BA55/56 utilising 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs; from 1st August 2022, BA55/56 will utilise Airbus A380s replacing 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs.
Kuwait City: BA156/157 operates 5 weekly utilising a mixture of Boeing 787-8/9s; going daily from 1st May 2022.
Las Vegas-Harry Reid: BA274/275 operates daily utilising Airbus A350-1000s, replacing 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs.
Lagos-Murtala Muhammed: BA74/75 operates daily utilising 4-class Boeing 777-200ERs.
Lahore-Allama Iqbal: BA258/259 suspended until further notice.
Los Angeles: BA282/283 utilises Airbus A350-1000s on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, operating alongside 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs until 7th May 2022, with Airbus A350-1000s operate daily from 8th May 2022. BA268/269 and BA280/281 continue to utilise Boeing 777-300ERs, with Airbus A380 operation on BA268/269 postponed.
Mexico City: BA242/243 operates daily utilising Boeing 787-9s.
Miami: Twice daily with BA206/207 utilising 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs, and BA208/209 utilising Airbus A380s.
This is just half of the changes, many of which is largely down to continuing deliveries of Airbus A350-1000s; whilst there is no update on when the remaining Boeing 787-10s will arrive. The 3-class Boeing 777-200ERs are almost close to finishing their refurbishment whilst their Boeing 777-300ERs is ongoing. Lastly, the Airbus A380s continue to return to service with a gentle stream returning following 2 years in storage.
Currently, British Airways operates 59 Boeing 777s, which includes 43 Boeing 777-200ERs and 16 Boeing 777-300ERs. British Airways have 18 Boeing 777-9s on-order.
Yankee Mike Mike Hotel is one of 43 Boeing 777-200ERs operated by British Airways, delivered new to the flag-carrier on 14th October 2000 and she is powered by 2 Rolls-Royce Trent 895 engines.
Boeing 777-236/ER G-YMMH on final approach into Runway 27R at London Heathrow (LHR) on BA274 from Las Vegas-Harry Reid (LAS), Nevada.

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