Sci-Fi Short Film “The Promise" | DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Promise" | DUST

A likeness of humans, robots are a reality in the future. The only thing that distinguishes us from them is that we can still control them – but for how long if they have assumed the characteristics that seemed to identify us as human beings? How long? if we exceed by them in physical force. The promise is a short film that looks at the future reality of a world in which those things created by man are a step to be confused with us.

“The Promise” by Erwin Jaquez

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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Promise” | DUST


30 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “The Promise" | DUST”

  1. This short was technically well-shot and acted. However, it seems like an intense scene that belongs within a 45-minute TV episode or 2 hour movie. It was like getting the hallway confrontation scene from "Ex Machina" without the rest of the movie. Out-of-context, this was very abrupt, jarring and too abstract. If the creators had expanded on the themes and concept, they could have had something even more successful on their hands.

  2. We will figure out AI that will mimic humanity so well we can't tell the difference to a real human before we figure out how to make synthetic skin or organs that can secrete moisture

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