Saxiest Night of Ukraine Should Never End || Must Watch

Saxiest Night of Ukraine Should Never End || Must Watch

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41 thoughts on “Saxiest Night of Ukraine Should Never End || Must Watch”

  1. Once upon a time there was a beautiful country in artic region and which was called Ukraine. Our handsome vlogger, Mithilesh once explored this beautiful country. Now, it is the prudence of the Great President of Ukraine, whose wise decision on continous running after the lovely 'Carrot' in the name of NATO, made the sleeping tiger (Russia) awaken and as a result of which the Great President of Ukraine made his country in numbers of graveyards and his countrymen either compelled to leave their country or beggars.
    Now, the President of Ukraine is likely to be selected for Nobel Peace Prize by the concerned European countries & USA for his valuable contribution in making his country week and unsecured by de-nuclearizing on the provocations of Nobel Prize selectors who have enourmuch nuclear weapons in their stocks.

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