Police: Father accused of honor killings may be in North Texas now

Police: Father accused of honor killings may be in North Texas now

It’s been 11 years since Amina and Sarah Said were shot and killed in what many believe were honor killings. In the recorded 911 call, one of the girls is heard naming her father as the killer.

Police believe Yasar Said was angry they were dating boys who were non-Muslim and killed them.

It was a high-profile case and there are still many details some are discovering more than a decade later.

Police now say Said may be in North Texas and police have asked for the public’s help. More than a decade after the killings, he still is on the run.

STORY: https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/crime/more-than-a-decade-after-teens-killed-in-suspected-honor-killing-police-believe-dad-may-be-in-north-texas/287-959822c4-85a7-4cf4-af5a-a55f708ef0e9?fbclid=IwAR2ojZjWKQVlkhsL72Z_sixeA9iG0Dy2cCpNKTDbubIqaadMkNYF3RbxzYs


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  2. These women r so much mentally abused by these evil.minded men that they r like robots,imagine carrying your daughters back to their deaths, as a mother u failed your children big time,u must b held accountable as much as him

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  4. this monster is NOT a Muslim. Islam totally forbids everything he did, physically and sexually abusing his daughters, murdering them. This is from his own sick arabic culture. not EVERY arab is a Muslim, I dont know why people dont get that.

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