Pioneer (Girls) Generation – The Necessary Stage

Pioneer (Girls) Generation - The Necessary Stage

Synopsis: “A group of sassy seniors are living in luxury at Singapore’s most upscale retirement home. Strong, confident and fiercely independent, they have an opinion about everything, and are not afraid to voice their thoughts.

When trouble starts brewing at the home, their friendship is tested. Can they work together? Will they remain together? Should they form a K-Pop group?

Pioneer (Girls) Generation is a no-holds-barred comedy with sharp and critical observations about ageing and everything else in Singapore. If you thought you knew all about growing old in Singapore, think again.”

Director: Alvin Tan
Playwright: Haresh Sharma
Devised by and starring: Dwayne Lau, Thomas Lim, Audrey Luo, Irene Ong, Padma Sagaram, Catherine Sng
Project Serial Number: 201504

All works are copyrighted to The Necessary Stage. This recording is strictly for home use only. Reproduction, unauthorised distribution and/or screening of this content is not allowed without the explicit written consent of The Necessary Stage Ltd. Please contact The Necessary Stage at for permission and more information.

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