PaRCha – JNU – JNUSU – 2008 ID-63410

PaRCha - JNU - JNUSU - 2008 ID-63410

PaRCha - JNU - JNUSU - 2008 ID-63410

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Condemn the Terro,r A~cks in Assam! Stand by the Victims ofthe Heinous Actsll . .
~demhsyesterdays serial ~Qinb b.~asts a·rd~grenade a~tacksinAssam, altegedly by ~LFAoo the J.; ‘ oftheir "(ising" da y. rheattac ks have killed at least 8 people and injured 60 others. JNUSU" stands by .
the,viatims and ap,g.ealsto ttte student community and.. peopl!3 of this cql!ntry to speak out against ~uch mi.nd-less violence and terror. target1rig common innocent civilians. .
Condemn·the Series OfTerror Attacks in Pakistan! Stand Bv the People of"Pakistan Against .
TerrorAttacks. US Military -Incursions~ and Domination! .
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JNUSOUalso strongly condemns the spate of terror 0 and violence recently unleashed in Pakistan.-On April4, 30 .
" . Around 20.00.
people were J<illed,.and 150 injured in a sui~ide bomb attack on a mosque in eastern Paki~tan.
peopl~were: at the site at the tit:ne of th·e attack. This attack came close on the heels of another equally horren-.
‘s political.
dous ~error ~ttack on th~ in Lahore on March 30, where 15 people were killed. The US.
meddling an~ Pakistan and Afghanistan in the name of [,fighting terror" is actually making fhe .
common c!tizens 0f these cou~tries more vulnerable to attack. It is high time we realised that the much-touted .
st"rategic partnership with.the US, which has been the greatest sponsor of terror and war, can never bring peace .
and secu · .
Reinstate the Retrenched Workers! .
Sto~ Using Police and Security To Crackdown On Workers and Students!!.
Forthe past one.·~week the workers in this campus have been agitating agajnst the retrendunent ofmore than .
seventy !fa.fai karmac;haris working with Vayudoot. The JNU Administration has signed a new contract w-ith ZEB Pvt. Ltd., without any democratic consultation. As a consequence, Zeb has thrown out the old workers, thus going against the established pr~ctice in JN.u, wherein the old workers are retained even once a new contract comes into force. .
w ..
It is shameful that during"this entirely peacefulprotest, the new contractor as weJl as the JNU a~minis-tration have called in the police to crackdown on the protests twice since last evening. More shockingly, .
the,-JNH ~dminist~ation·b·as htiposed out-~f-bounds orders on the retrenched workers, falsely allegi~g that the workers have threatened and physically obstructed the new workers fr:om starting their work. ‘somestudents” for actively supporting the retrenched.
The administration bas also bl’aine·d the JNUSU ·and ‘wor·kers’ agit~tion. Jt took the determined presence of students and teachers to intervene tim~ <!fld again and prevent wholesale arrests ofthe .workers. -.
Throughout this mo’!ement, ZEJ? has repeatedly tried to pit the new workers against the old workers. However, .
the workers, both old and new. refused to fall into this trap. Right from the beginning ofthe agitation, the new workers brought by·Z.EB.·have r.efused to work showing their solidarity ‘¥ith their protesting retrenched work-.
ers. They have realized that they" too are merely pawns to be exploited in the larger context of contraet~:~ali7.:ation ofthe work for·ce.,Out ofthe approximately seventy workers, which Z~B initially brought i~i. twe~ty five stopped coming after a couple ofdays. Yesterday another twenty five voluntarily resigned from ZEB. Right n0w orily eighteen have agreed to work. .
Moreover, Z~b has a track record of deception, which has now been thoroughly exposed. The contractor .
has falsely claimed that the workers he has brought in have b~en working with him for several yarS. This has .
proved to be.a..plain falsity: mo$t ofthe new worker.s bave.been _cn1ployed by Zeb for the first time. ~en .
the workers who had resigned from ZEB demanded payments for the period since when they have been reciutted, .
~tlfe anti wqrker fc=Jce ·of the contractor was exposed beyond any doubt. To begin with, ZEB refused to pav .
them tiie min_imum wages. The contractor started making the payments at the rate ofRs 11 8/-per dav, though .
the minimun1 wage-comes toRs 1511-per day. It was only when JNUSU and many concerned students inter-.
. ~~~~ 0.
vened that ZEB was forced to agree to pay minimum wages. Secondly, the contractor tampered the recruit-ment register, to·alter the date of ioining of many workers in order to make lesser payments. When this .
shameless subterfuge was pointed out, the co~tractor sbockinglv called in police to br·owbeat the as-.
sembled·workers and students. When the police arrived, the contractor had the audacity to claim that he had .
been forcibly… held by the concerned students and the workers. At this point JNUSU decided to contact the .
t~chers for support·and solidarity. Immediately, several teachers came to the Ad Block where the payments .
were being made. When completely exposed by workers, students and teachers ZEB claimed that they.
P.T.O. .
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