35 thoughts on “Maren Morris – 80s Mercedes (Official Music Video)”

  1. I had a complicated 9 year relationship with a Mercedes SLK I named Heinz because it was German and red like ketchup. Heinz' electronics seemed to be possessed and it left me stranded out of state multiple times… and it also had a check engine light that was on more often than not. But man… when that car worked, it WORKED. Throwing the top back, cranking the stereo and taking the back roads to the beach on perfect summer days was better than any pharmaceutical when it came to stress relief. I totaled Heinz this past May… I cried like I'd lost a pet after cleaning it out and retrieving my plates. I replaced it with a Pontiac G6 convertible soon after, which I honestly enjoy even more… but this song really makes me miss Heinz.

  2. Maren Morris, you might as well join the Dixie chicks in the I can't sing club cause you are like the lead singer of the Dixie chicks, she and you CAN'T keep your mouth shut for anything except for adult stuff

  3. I have about 20 different playlists on Youtube. If a song lands on 3 of those playlists, it's a really good song. I usually listen to Hard rock and dubstep but I'm a musician and appreciate all forms of music if there is skill and harmony, I don't care what genre it is.

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