Leaked US Navy SEAL Videos

Leaked US Navy SEAL Videos

Members of SEAL Team 7 described their platoon leader, retired Special Operations Chief Eddie Gallagher, as “toxic” and “evil.”


20 thoughts on “Leaked US Navy SEAL Videos”

  1. Why does the US military have to fight with one hand tied behind their back while the enemy gets to do whatever they want? US war fighters are scrutinized and accused by their own leaders, but the enemy is praised and excused from any wrong doing. Also, shouldn't a soldier get in trouble for NOT killing the enemy? Enlisted military have to defend against the enemy, its own officers, the government, the media, and the public. It seems to have been this way since WWII.
    Also, the Geneva Convention should apply to BOTH sides or not at all.

  2. Wasn’t their objective to kill those terrorists? I don’t see how stabbing someone who you have been sent to kill is any different than blowing their head off with a rifle. Someone please explain

  3. What he said.

    1:04 – "Did you interpret him (ISIS Terrorist) as a threat at any point when Gallagher stabbed him?" Response – "I did not, no."

    What he should have said.

    "Well sir. He was an Islamist and they're fighting wherever they are and go, to rid the world of non islamists. As commanded by their murderous, pedophilic prophet, Muhammad in the quran. If released, he would have regrouped with his fellow islamists and continued on his mission of Dar es Salaam – "Land of Peace" (by ridding all land of the non muslim infidel). So yes sir, I did regard him and I do regard all islamists as an ongoing threat because of their ideology of guaranteed entry into Islamic 'Paradise' through killing of the Infidel.

    Furthermore sir, I would like to at this point, recommend Chief Gallagher for the Congressional Medal Of Honor and promotion to Master Chief for his ongoing efforts in curtailing the spread of global islam.

  4. Everyone talks like there were there. Like they know whats going on. With no evidence to prove against him other than the words of him and others… he was proven to be a sinner amongst liars. They mostly lied and misconstrued statements and other evidence not related to the supposed war crimes.

  5. If you read the full list of what Gallagher has been acused of – both in war and his personal life – you'll see that this is less about a soldier doing what he has to do in extreme circumstances, and more about a man who might be a violent psychopath. Just see what his fellow seals have accused him of – imagine how bad things have to be for soldiers to snitch on other soldiers.

  6. Well we know how many “pu$$!€? Trump would have grabbed if he was a soldier in another country with a gun and platoon…. OF CORSE HES GANA HELP THIS GUY! He probably saved the scumbag serial killer just to be like “I wana kill brown people too… WANA GET A METAL FROM ME AND GO HELP ME AT THE BOARDER? And btw do you like to grab P&$!@$ too? Thats my favorite!”

  7. Ohhh booo whoooo a poor little ISIS fighter got stabbed. Give me a break. Y’all train n send these dudes to be killers then complain when they don’t kill “according to procedure”.

  8. All of you saying do the hard stuff be the bad guy shut the hell up. Totally stab a teenager for no reason and drag his damn body around smiling while your team mates say he wants to kill anyone he can. Sounds like the dark knight to me 😂

  9. A soldier stabbed a terrorist? That's terrible. Why dont you arrest Obama? Despite not being a warrior he's one of the worst war criminals in history, directly responsible for genocide in Yemen, double tap drone strikes on non combatants and many other severe war crimes around the world.

  10. People Wana judge
    Maby I'll shoot a 556 or 762 at you and see what every1 reaction be
    What a pathetic society we live in ..
    We send them to war to help fight for freedom and now we charge them for political gain is disgusting
    Their podcast and links at this time of his innocence and I'm glad 😊
    His wife deserves alot of credit
    It's rare to find aum1 who would run threw fire with you and that's amazing

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