Latin America’s Deadliest Place to Be a Woman

Latin America’s Deadliest Place to Be a Woman

In Honduras, gang violence, poverty and corruption are waging a bloody war against women. In the past year alone, a woman has been murdered every 36 hours, making the country one of the deadliest in the world to be female.

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38 thoughts on “Latin America’s Deadliest Place to Be a Woman”

  1. when the most vulnerable of a society are not safe, that society is doomed for destruction… hence the result of these latin american countries…. you dont have to be a wealthy country to have morals and humanity.

  2. The common denominator in these countries descending into violence is the drug cartels coming into those countries to feed America's drug addiction. If you're reading this and you use Coke, heroin , meth you are part of the problem.

  3. Estos barones, niños, hombres y machos necesitan a Dios porque esto no es normal y ya no debe seguir pasando. Estas mujeres tienen que rezar 🙏🏽 mucho cada día al despertar y cada noche antes de dormir ❤ por amor y seguridad que se deben

  4. I'm sorry I think this is a gaslighting title. I like that the story is given light, but it's more so the poor economy and gangs that prey on people regardless of gender. Being in an unfavorable position in life people do desperate things including bad things. Prayers to these people though 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  5. Muslim “missionaries” to visit Honduras ASAP!!! Come on now!!!!!! The killers don’t love the sexy women they are teaching them a lesson. They all look alike and the climate is warm. She wants to lead her own life. I don’t see how a national change of wardrobe will stop her in days time.

  6. What a messed up world we have… women are the most prejudiced of all things judged… unconscionable. All men were given life because of a women. God, point zero, the source, whatever you want to call it, bless our world and may it be a better place…

  7. Las tribus de Africa que cortan una parte del sistema reproductivo en irán donde los policías matan a las mujeres por enseñar más de los ojos en India donde se arreglan los matrimonios desde los 14 años y en Latinoamérica donde aún se venden niñas por animales o cosechas lamentablemente esto está pasmado en todo el mundo y probablemente continuará por qué los gobiernos prefieren el dinero y voltear para otro lado ojalá todos esas chicas encuentren un descanso eterno de este mundo (hombres) tan cruel y viles

  8. Authorities in USA? Central america? Hahaha. This hell is opened by USA , urope is filled with thugs a , looters and presidents are criminals . Dont you see urope is now burning , becuase of they done sins in his life , that wasnt paid to the gods.

  9. If Americans would DEMAND that their country STOP meddling in these regions & that we start to pay reparations for our role in the poverty & violence we may c a new world where Latin America is free to build its own Govt free of our coups regime changes exploitation pillaging interventions that we later blame on the poorest nations

    We c this today w the good people across the most beautiful parts of our world who have been dealt the hardest hand of them all & then the GOP party who lives to steal from the 99% cries that our border is flooded w migrants seeking refuge

    It’s truly the worst to c & know how much of a role the US plays only millions in here have no clue

  10. Clueless woman investigator goes "I'm shocked by these femicide cases, makes me wonder what's going wrong with men." without realizing she's being protected by men.

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  12. Tbh no girl is innocent they are all sick in their minds… they find it funny we find it sick… I'm a misogynist btw but every man knows about girls cuz we've been with them..

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