Inside Venezuelan Slum at Brazil Border (harsh conditions)

Inside Venezuelan Slum at Brazil Border (harsh conditions)

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20 thoughts on “Inside Venezuelan Slum at Brazil Border (harsh conditions)”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the world, with the world 😅.. Seriously though, I think what you do is so important not just for our time but for the future generations too.. We as a species do have a lot to fix but there is so much potential for us once we do!

  2. kids everywhere but they dont have food, congratulation ! if i had a million dollar i would donate it as condoms. nothing else. that would solve every problem. STOP making trouble ! because thats the bigggest problem that they have..

  3. Definitely not a poverty problem seeing as to how they're surrounded by so much land that there is no way they should be starving if they were able to grow crops.

  4. They all seem very healthy. The USA should go in and take over and Stay there in control instead of its racist ideologies. The other government’s are taking full advantages of the US resources and privileges because of the corrupt politicians in the US government.

  5. Why dont most of the woman breast feed unless they do? In other countries where their kids are extremely Moundurished they could breast-feed them up to at least three years so they would have some food and nutrition like most Americans do so I’m just kind of curious why most their kids are so small even at being just one year old if they was being breast-fed most of them should be almost dying unless they don’t do that

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