Ignore WOMEN when they display THIS red flag (+Attraction Gift)

Ignore WOMEN when they display THIS red flag (+Attraction Gift)

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45 thoughts on “Ignore WOMEN when they display THIS red flag (+Attraction Gift)”

  1. That's the damn truth I seen that crap first hand . At that time I was busy being a nice guy. I finally got a belly full of her crap and divorced her . A couple months later she called and o I made a mistake. Yea OK she came over spent the weekend and she wanted to know if there was a possibility no not interested. She left mad . OK 👌 I done here lol

  2. If there's any hesitancy from her part, especially at the beginning, it's a no go. Many females keep guys on a leash at a distance for self affirmation to satisfy their ego. Attention is more valuable to women than all the money in the world.

  3. It’s so hard to meet people now with our generation if you are out of school/don’t have a job that allows you to meet women, so I rarely am able to apply concepts from your videos. You need to do a video on improving social circles. I’m 28, a drummer in two bands with weekly gigs, and I own my own business, but still struggle to meet women. I go out every weekend and get numbers, but we all know that cold approaching basically doesn’t work anymore. So how the hell am I supposed to meet people now? Never going back to dating apps; we all know those only work for the top 10% of guys now.

  4. My girlfriend said
    Will you be with me always.
    I said yeah of course but once i saw you cheating with me on another guy I'm done .
    She said I'm not gonna do this. I have the power to walk away from her anytime she does cheating.

  5. I don't know how accurate this situation happened to me, should have put this video in earlier, so that I could have idea saved lots of time watching psychotherapist vidoes

  6. Ya life isnt really getting better after a certian point

    got 1million in the bank? Ya life wont be much different if you had 10million ripped at 8% body fat and 16inch biceps? it wont get any better looking than that"

    and so on…………..

    Imagine Tate saying how will more make my life different/better then it is now?"

  7. The first girl I ever loved did exactly this and I fought for her back and was weak and pathetic for a girl who didn’t value or respect me anymore. And that makes you feel more stupid than anything else will. Don’t be me. Operate based on reciprocation, if it’s not there than you shouldn’t be either bro

  8. Sounds Like Borderline. 1 of this Singel Mom poisoned me. Hot Cold Feelings. Never ever, i got Recovery myself after 2 years mgtow. Now Strong as Fock. 💪😅👍 Dream Life. Only Positiv waves.

  9. I imagine pulling back like that only ‘works’ if the other person is kinda toxic. If someone thinks they’re training a woman to be a certain way by pulling away, that’s a HUGE turn OFF for a woman who was only after a healthy relationship.

  10. Thats why i highly recomend to all the simps out there to beware of being too relationship focused cuz these chicks will pull back the moment you want more of them, keep in mind that less is more with chicks

  11. You’re speaking facts. I must add that the unicorn female we are discussing here are 1/10 it’s genuinely hard to encounter good human beings who haven’t already committed successfully. People who aren’t going to abuse the other for being wholesome. Whether it’s hiring employees or fishing for Ltr; good souls as a whole are hard to come by.

  12. This is insane this just happened to me incredible 10 months I was dating a 🇧🇷 girl
    I went away for a while and came back
    I got a message saying .I have low libido swollen breasts andromosis around a vagina walls has gotten worse .
    But you can pay towards the rent for aweek while you stay here
    I was like WTF ?
    She was the biggest fucking user

    Women today some I have lost all respect for them you'd better of treating them like whores basically
    Not that I've ever slept with one
    Traditional values in women have gone many years ago I find .

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