If Sex Was Like Call of Duty

If Sex Was Like Call of Duty

Naked Office Pictures – https://youtu.be/H8aI-tvwnZg
Office Boner Role Play – https://youtu.be/ahOVKsLTNwQ

Will you answer to the Call of Booty?

Cast & Credits

Lauren Reeves, Gregory Sands & Benjamin Baldwin
VO: Joe Kelly

Director: Tim Bierbaum
Writer: Joe Kelly
DP: Tyler Ribble
Gaffer: Cory Fraiman-Lott
Audio: Luke Allen
Hair & Make-up: Nicole Rogers
Editor: Jacqui Frank
Graphics: Tim Bierbaum & Tatiana Lam
Audio Mix: Joe Durniak

Above Average Producers: Brendan McMorrow & Kayla Nadel-LaMotta
Production Coordinator: Louis Caggiano
Talent Coordinator: Danielle Rait

Special Thanks to Jarret Matlock & Patrick Courtney

Captions by Dotsub


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