Hard to get

Hard to get

Hard to get

Hi guys,
I hope you`ll like this set of pics.

During my vacation in Las Vegas a very nice and generous guy at the casino asked me if I would visit him at his hotel suite for a private photo shoot.

As a professional hostess I`m used to accompany men to their hotel room.
That`s nothing unusual.
With over six years of experience in this job I´m able to realize the most exclusive desires of the customers to their fullest satisfaction.

To avoid any missunderstanding: As a hostess I do not fulfill any sexual desires ! For this, other ladies are responsible !

So I naturally agreed , but under the condition first to change my clothes according to this occasion.
He liked this idea and agreed to it.
I left the casino and went to my hotel room.
I chose my latest "Agent Provocateur" outfit and a perfume with a beguilingly sensuous fragrance-from head to toe.
I decided to put on only a short jacket, took my handbag and made my way through the lobby of his hotel to the elevators.
I could feel the guys staring at me.
He opened his door on the first knock.
"You really chose a perfect outfit, Jenna."
"Come in…."
We had a fantastic afternoon.
It was very exciting for me to present my charms in front of this special stranger although I did it several times before…

One last look back, a last time posing for him.
I saw the lustful glance in his eyes.
"Do you come often here ? If you would like to meet up sometime again, let me know ! Here is my number !" 😉

I know that you watch my photostream. My answer is :
"Hey, Mr. "No", for sure I`ll phone you when I`m back in Las Vegas !"

Thanks for these nice pics, Mr. "No" !!

This image is protected by copyright. Don`t use it without my permission.
Jenna Rogers

XOXO Jenna

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