Girls Tennis Naperville North vs. Benet Academy 09.07.22

Girls Tennis Naperville North vs. Benet Academy 09.07.22

Naperville North girls tennis visits Benet Academy at St. Scholastica where the Huskies take the team win over the Redwings. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

A top tier non-conference matchup on the St. Scholastica courts on a warm Wednesday afternoon sees Naperville North girls tennis visiting Benet Academy.

Two Singles

We begin with the singles matches. Benet Academy sophomore Natalie Grover takes on Aanika Parekh from Naperville North in number two singles.

Grover gets off to a strong start as neither player doing much moving around on these lobs back and forth. Eventually Parekh drifts to her left expecting the return, but Grover goes the other way for the point and the early lead.

Late in the first set, Parekh serving in the far court. The sophomore with a great shot down the line that Grover can not keep in play. Grover would have to retire early in set two with a hamstring injury, so the Huskie takes the win after winning set one 7-5.

One Singles

Now to the top singles matchup with Meredith Converse from Benet facing Aaryana Parekh from North.

In the first set, Converse tries to overpower her opponent with some strong shots, but Parekh is ready with some strong returns of her own. Then the Huskie puts Converse on the move as she tries to keep the ball in play. Finally Converse finds the net and Parekh gets the point on the extended rally.

Now Converse is serving in the near court. She sits back for the return and uncoils a forehand that eludes Parekh. The Redwing sophomore takes the two-set win 6-1, 6-4.

Three Singles

In three singles, Dheera Prattipati from Naperville North squares off with Benet senior Claudia Quick.

In the first set both players go back and forth with some high lobs, neither one wanting to go near the net. Quick eventually puts a ball close to the net and Prattipati tries to power a shot through, but Quick goes back to the lob and it’s perfectly placed near the back line for the point.

Later in the match, it’s a similar sight with both players returning to the lobs. Quick deploys a similar strategy, but Prattipati is able to recover and send several returns before Quick hits the net. The Huskie ends up winning in two sets 7-6, 6-1.

Three Doubles

Now we move on to three doubles where Elise Schrubbe and Ella McConnell from Naperville North take on Redwings Nora Mehring and Bailey Abbott.

Mehring serves in the near court for the Redwings and they get the smash for the point.

Tennis can be more of a contact sport than one would presume as evidenced by this next point. The Huskies going for another smash and it thuds into the torso of Bailey Abbott. The junior brushes it off, however, Naperville North wins the second set as well 6-2.

Two Doubles

The Huskies trying to keep the hot streak going in number two doubles. Isha Elandassery and Hasini Peddu competing for North against Mimi Cline and Katie Jendra from Benet.

A good battle back and forth as the rally goes the length of the court. Eventually, the players near the net step in and exchange returns, but the Redwings get the point. Benet takes two doubles 6-2, 6-3.

One Doubles

A heavyweight battle at one doubles with Naperville North sophomores Brooke Coffman and Gabby Lee facing fellow sophomores wearing red and black Clare Lopatka and Shane Delaney. Lopatka was a singles state qualifier last season while Delaney thrived with partner Claire Converse a year ago.

Just great tennis all throughout this match, with the players showcasing their power and range, flying all over the court. Delaney tries to slice a backhand near the back line, but it goes just long. The Huskies take set one 7-5.

Early in set two, the Redwings claw back. Brooke Coffman unleashes a rocket down the line and somehow Lopatka gets to the ball and flips her return over the head of Gabby Lee. An incredible point as we go back and forth.

Delaney serving later in the second set. Coffman gets her return just out of the reach of Lopatka, but Delaney gets to it and sends a shot that gets over and Coffman then finds the net. Tied at 6-6 in set two as we go to a tiebreaker.

The Huskies leading in the tiebreaker. Delaney serving to Lee, who sends one right back. Then Brooke Coffman steps in and pops a backhand down the middle. Nobody can get to the ball in time and Naperville North hangs on for the impressive two-set victory in entertaining fashion. The Huskies take the team win as well 5-2.

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