Get Any Hot Girls Number for R500 in SOUTH AFRICA (Mall Edition)

Get Any Hot Girls Number for R500 in SOUTH AFRICA (Mall Edition)

Hi family, I’m Baby Grammy. I was thinking of content for my channel so i decided to challenge myself and friends because this dope idea of picking up girls in the mall came to my head. I’m so glad that we was able to pull this off. We met a lot of beautiful ladies at the mall and most importantly we all have fun. I hope you guys enjoy this content.

A big shout out to my big brother Toxic Baby for coming along to make this video a success. He helps me from start to finish. Including editing and filming. Thank you big bro🙏🏿. Not also forgetting my homies, Lil Savage The Ghost, Liphakes and Yes sir Alu for their contribution. You guys are a blessing. Much love from me to you’all.

Get Any Hot Girl Number For R500 [Mall Edition] South Africa 🔥
Picking up girls at Centurion Mall

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