First Comes S*x… I Single's Guide to Iceland

First Comes S*x... I Single's Guide to Iceland

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Iceland has been voted the most s*xuаlly liberated country. With a tiny population of 340,000 residents and a highly liberal mentality, so we decided to head to Iceland and check out how Icelanders perceive love, dating and s*x. Mostly the s*x.

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Jason Tojeiro (video/editing)

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39 thoughts on “First Comes S*x… I Single's Guide to Iceland”

  1. It’s a shame that so beautiful women been behalf like this trying to have sex like animals, pretending to have empathy with all this country where the prostitution and abuse its commune. In a country with 330 000 people receiving thousand of tourists per year abusing of the ignorance of this kind of mentality of beautiful young lady’s , because the consent age it’s 15 years old. What a shame. It’s not that my mentality it’s ambiguous but it’s just unacceptable.

  2. This is how a society looks like where men and women are equal. A woman is not shamed for one night stands and a man isn't congratulated for it either. It's just sex between two consensual people.

  3. I really cute Icelandic girl once added me on discord random was said, I'm in bed im kinda horny then sent me nudes and was like show me your dick, I was like whoaaa also she was high so they have weed their ahaha.

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