This is our second day in Romania and wow- this fresh environment has inspired us to stay outside all day and try some delicious and UNSEEN ROMANIAN STREET FOOD! We start our Romanian food tour in Bucharest and make our way to the beautiful town of Sibiu to end it- DO WATCH TILL THE END TO SEE THE MOST UNIQUE SOUP WE HAVE EVER TRIED! It was insane! Also let us know what you want to see next? Which country should we visit?

In this video we ate:

02:01 THE BEST BREAKFAST FOOD: Cheese, cabbage and potato pastry from Ianke Pastry

03:46 Luca Simigrie- Covrigi (Romanian bagel/pretzel) , savoury strudel and Nutella and strawberry jam filled bagel
05:52 Coffee from Klauss coffee shop
07:14 Lentil soup meal from Dristor kebab

14:15 Salami biscuit and strange lentil burger from Sarah Green

17:53 Kulinarium Restaurant in Sibiu
Creamed spinach soup with quail eggs in a freshly made bread bowl

Salmon filled with wild rice and interesting sour cream sauce

Mixed vegetables cooked in an iron caste pan with creamy sauce
Papanasi – the yummiest Romanian dessert !!! MUST SEE!

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  1. This channel looks fascinating. I’d love to subscribe, and watch everything you film, but, there simply isn’t nearly enough English . It appears that you’re looking to cater to an exclusively
    South Asian audience. Fair enough.

  2. Our Romanian mothers tell us from when we are small that at the table you eat you don’t talk, you talk after you finish your food because you disrespect SF. Maria ( Mother of Isus) that’s staying on knees and praying every time that we eat. Normally we pray and thank God for the food after every meal. So that’s why most of the people when they eat they don’t talk❤️

  3. I will be visiting Bucharest for four days in November and my main concern is finding halal food. Your vlog helped address some of my concerns.. thank you. How are the people there? was language an issue? Also, how is the public transport system? is it easy to get around? I'll be staying in the old town.

  4. In first I thought the girl is foreigner. Good to know you're Pakistanis and exploring the world. Good luck for your future ventures. Really like this channel and obviously content too

  5. Why you came in our Orthodox-Christian country🇷🇴☦️🇷🇴 to moan for "halal food"?! We are Christians here, not muslims and we don't need halal food! Everywhere you muslims go, you are so demanding! Maybe you should just go to Turkey or other muslim countries and you'll perfectly fit, there and have only halal food too! You decided to come to our Christian country, we didn't invite you here! So if you don't like something at us, you know where the door is!👌🖐

  6. if you guys ever decide to visit romania during summer (which i highly advise) then you must "socată" aka elderflower cordial..it's a type of halal drink that lots of romanians love.i always go during summer time to pick those flowers so my mother can make the drink. if not,maybe somehow you'll get to try it these days in slovakia!

  7. Hello guys, nice vlogs, and quite different from the usual travel vlogs that Youtube is full of. I am intrigued about the language you're speaking. Is it, let's say, an official language that is used in Pakistan? Or is it a modern mixture of English and Pakistan language, used by younger people. I'm asking because it seems to be half English. I noticed people in India also use this language system. Is is something common in Asian countries? Is it used by all people, including older people or other people who don't speak English? Thanks and keep up the good job 🙂

  8. I have alot of question like
    In which budget u started ur travel from Australia
    After that how. Much u earn
    Did u face money shortage?
    What u guys carry with u
    And also what u guys must have things in ur bag?
    What r essential for kids and also for hijabi?
    O m g i have so much question to ask

  9. Lovely video guys! I'm from Romania, and unfortunately because the vast majority of the meat in Romania is not halal, you guys are missing out on the most delicious dishes available. We love our pork here, so the best dishes we have will contain pork in some form or another. 🙂

  10. 13:17 there is no cult there,hahaha,they were just listening you two talking and i may dare to say they already pinpointed on the world map where you are from…..romanians are known for being very good at languages

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