Eruption 1, 100, 100,000

Eruption 1, 100, 100,000

Eruption 1, 100, 100,000

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"Wag Maging Dayuhan Sa Sariling Bayan"

Last June 24 I celebrated a few occasions not to mention I also went back to my native land on the same date.

1 – It was my first year anniversary in Flickr
100 – More than 100 of my photos has reached Explore (including those dropped!)
100,000 – More than 100,000 views in my photostream

Mount Malindig (also known as Mount Malindik and Mount Marlangga) is a large potentially active stratovolcano on the island of Marinduque in the Philippines. The name Marinduque itself may have been derived from "Marindik" or "Malindik". The tale told by the people of Buenavista, the town that sits at the foot of Malindig, is that during the Spanish times, a Spanish soldier got lost. He came upon a girl sitting down sorting rice. He asked her what was the name of this place. She replied in Tagalog "Matindig" (translation: "Let me stand up") so she could get a better view of the area. The Spaniard mistook the girl and thought the mountain was called "Matindig", and unable to ennunciate Tagalog, he called it "Malindig".

Malindig is considered a potentially active volcano, in part because of the sulfuric springs of Malbog. Its unique location, at the heart of Southern Tagalog, creates a panorama that encompasses Mindoro, Verde Island, and Southern Luzon all the way to Bicol and Burias Island.

The Mountain is the largest on the Island of Marinduque and the most popular climb and hike on the island for mountaineers and alike, known for its unique environmental biodiversity. It is the home of different species of wild orchids and other endemic wildlife. Due to its height above 1,000 meters above sea level, by law is has been identified as a protected area. The dormant volcano has three peaks, the Trek and climb to the peak is rated as easy to moderate. After passing the Radio Station base on the mountain, it has been known to be a mossy and closed canopy forest trek with regular foggy surroundings. It is also used by the Buenavista townfolks as a cattle grazing area.

During the American Period of rule over the Philippine Islands, Mount Malindig was named "Mount Marlanga" by the Americans. The name was later changed back to its original name of "Mount Malindig".

See more of Marinduque here.

EV[-1, 0, +1], f/8, ISO 100

Canon 400D, Sigma 10-20mm f/4-f/5.6 EX DC, Canon RS 60E3 Shutter Release, Tripod


Bracketed 3 Exposure RAW files merged to HDR
Tone Mapped using Detail Enhancer
Saved as 16-bitt TIFF

Photoshop CS4
ACR5.2 Tonal Adjustments
Adjustment layer – curves, colour fill (blending)

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