EASY Trick To Get a Girl's Phone Number!

EASY Trick To Get a Girl's Phone Number!

Using basic math and a smart phone calculator, we’ll show you how to get a hot girl’s digits. Guaranteed to impress the ladies! Or, maybe creep them out a little …


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47 thoughts on “EASY Trick To Get a Girl's Phone Number!”

  1. Excuse me I dropped my phone somewhere around here will you please call it for me? 😏💭🙏🏾When she does, say "Thank you" then grab it out of your back pocket and say "So what time are we meeting for dinner"? 😁👍🏾

  2. so essentially chose factors of 20000 to multiply together (80 and 250)… added 1 to multiply by one of the factors (in this case 250), added the last 4 digits of phone number x2 and then later subtracted out the factor (250)… so multiplying by the 20000 moves the decimal place over by 4 when multiplying by first 3 numbers, and when you divide by 2 its the same as if you just multiplied by 10000… and then you added the last 4 numbers of phone number x2… so when you divide by 2 its the last 4 of your phone number… not really a clever trick, its literally just recognizing factors/decimal places

  3. Calling your phone was simultaneously the most terrifying and awing thing I've ever done! I didn't leave a voicemail or anything, and yeah I googled it first and found a tweet about it

  4. I used this method 3 years ago, in january 2017, to get the number, of this beautiful, amazing girl I had the biggest crush on.

    And it worked! I got her number, and we’ve been together ever since haha. So Thanks! Most useful video I’ve ever watched 😂😂

  5. This trick doesn't always work because if the set of the last numbers start with 0 the phone wont recognize the 0 and only enters the last 3 numbers. For example say the last 4 numbers are 0111 the phone will only use the 111

  6. You blur her last four number, but then you show her result at the end. If people take that number and divide it by 2, they would have 7 digits of her phone number. The area code is not needed.

  7. You can easily use this to close out another trick. So instead of calling her, you would text her and tell her what card she picked (or something similar). That way you actually get her number and you're not a creep about it. Bonus points if the wager on your closer is to call each other later.

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