Dubai Prostitution, Let's get talking plus Raw footage of Dubai Street through Deira uncut

Dubai Prostitution, Let's get talking plus Raw footage of Dubai Street through Deira uncut

Yes, Prostitution exist in Dubai, I will not deny with this fact. But Being an Independent Dubai escort I believe Dubai is the only place / city where human

Dubai has gobs of money flowing, a multinational set of residents who are mostly male, and huge numbers of tourists. You bet your bippy there’s prostitution in Dubai.

There is a lot of prostitution in Dubai. Its largely confined to clubs and hotels, and there’s extensive, very thinly veiled advertising done for both gay and straight prostituion over the Internet. There’s also human trafficking for the purposes of prostitution from the former Soviet republics, Asia and the Phillipines.

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30 thoughts on “Dubai Prostitution, Let's get talking plus Raw footage of Dubai Street through Deira uncut”

  1. I dont why you make Dubai sound bad. I mean yeah every country isn’t perfect but say Dubai is the doing these terrible things is so bias just because you witnessed it. I can give you a worse example of Europeans of how they treat. Watch the YouTube video by Vice news “Going undercover in London’s Brothels”. It explains and shows how the rich prey on this young girls Sweden or other European countries. They would be brought from their country to make “money” but they are held against their will be trafficked. There would be multiple girls being held in apartments where they would be selected to sleep with men. The money they don’t even get to them most of the time. The video can explain more.

  2. This lady is jealous of Dubai cz she couldn't get what she desired..
    No human being and no country is perfect..
    Get some education lady..rise above jealous and self world

  3. You haven't said why prostitution is bad in Dubai particularly if the girl has paid her way to the place and is not relying on anybody who would confiscate her passport. I am also curious to know about the illegal scams you did because clearly it is another survival mechanism.

  4. Social media (Instagram specifically) has worsened this situation. These human traffickers now can reach even the remotest (and often poorer) areas of most countries. Poerverty is a huge factor in this decadence.

  5. Enough of these kinds of videos Banange it’s what all u people are doing and it doesn’t go well with dubai as press in dubai has its SOP’s, enough of the bad press already wano bajabasiba ate mutusabe obasondela atlist do it in LUGANDA to avoid THE CONSEQUENCES. IT’s because of videos like these that employment visas hav been denied to people looking for legit job, BAMBI STOP OR USE YO MOTHER TONGUE TO COMMUNICATE ✌️

  6. I'm from the UK but also reside in Dubai with my husband. Dubai is the only Country I have lived in my 55 years where I have been petitioned for sex, not because I dressed in a seductive or provocative manner but because I am a black woman staying in a High Class hotel like the Westin. from my observation, high escorting (tolerated phrase for prostitution) is mostly engaged in by Caucasian females in Dubai and yet black women are vilified for being "prostitutes". So let us ask ourselves, what would you call the men sleeping with the prostitutes? These are the same men that would be the very first to point accusing finger at the "prostitutes". Prostitution is in every country, BUT what I cannot abide about Dubai is the double standard.

  7. Montreal is a centre for lady/girl trafficking and forced prostitution, notwithstanding the grandiloquent, sanctimonious pontificating rot spouted out by Canadian politicians.

    The other prostituion network in Montreal is in the "escort services" of which there are pages and pages and pages in the newspapers' classified adverts pages – the four universities are recruiting grounds, especially as university fees have skyrocketed so debt is high,& the "recruiters" know and thus exploit

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