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Interactive audiophile installation. Creative space is held for the listener to give impromptu freestyle spoken word in the tradition of urban youth culture.

Jon Stewart, America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide To Democracy Inaction. 2004.
[…] and you will still only begin to get a sense of the constitutionally mandated clusterfuck that is the modern presidency.
The early 1990s gave birth to the nascent yet thriving underground San Diego hip hop scene. Emcees, Graffiti, Tablist and B-boy/B-girl were alive and nurtured by the vibrant youth culture whose roots seemed to spring from South East San Diego. Coming from a thriving underground scene of South East San Diego Underground Improv and South Central Los Angeles Project Blowed Kaos networks, Orko Elolheim, back then Orko the Sycotik Alien, was widely acknowledged as a master of the genre. Orko’s stars continues to burn bright and he has collaborated with everyone from LA, emcee Aceyalone to poet Saul Williams and his Nephlim Modulation Systems (NMS) crew member Bigg Jus. Musical descendant of Sun Ra, Parliament and Jimi Hendrix, Orko remains relevant and continues to touch the people with his message. This latest 2020 creative collaboration of Drumwarz and Solaceloquent is no exception.
Like the seers before him, George Orwell. Aldous Huxley, Octavia Butler . “Clusterfuct” is a warning. Clusterfuct is a wake-up call to humanity, an alarm before it’s too late.
Creating a collage of oreo paints, news images, molotov cocktails and drum machines, Orko Eloheim – D.W.R.E.H Bullard and his creative partner have managed to encapsulate on a visceral level the flurry of events that shaped the most momentous year of our lives. A resident of the Twin Cities, Orko experienced first hand the immediate aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. Clusterfuct is the score, a soundtrack testimony to what we felt and witnessed together. Don’t sleep , Pay close attention to all that has happened this year and Stay Dangerous.
Aletha Dale
Honomu , Hawai’i
December 15, 2020

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