Charged With Criminal Trespassing Charges – Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Now

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A medical emergency or some exigency may sometimes make transgressing into another’s property inevitable. But as per law it will be treated as criminal trespass unless proved otherwise. Infringing on another’s property without the owner’s consent can get you slapped with charges of misdemeanor. Recurrence of this can lead to levying of felony charges.

Though trespassing is a minor criminal offense, it would be advisable to hire a criminal defense attorney to fight these charges as you could be penalized or put behind bars or asked to render community service depending on which state you reside in. For example, you could be jailed for a month or asked to pay a penalty of one hundred dollars or end up doing both in some cases in Massachusetts.

A seasoned criminal lawyer will be able to convince the jury that your act of trespassing was inadvertent, and if you are committing the offense for the first time and you have no prior criminal record, the lawyer will be able to get you out with minimal penalty like community service. Though a minor criminal charge, trespassing can splotch your social standing and jeopardize your job prospects if severe penalties are imposed. The lawyer will professionally convince the jury about the circumstances which forced you to commit the offense and that your act lacked any criminal intent.

A veteran criminal lawyer deals with crimes involving narcotics, drunken driving, sex, domestic violence, theft, traffic and probation violations, and juvenile crimes. It is therefore necessary to hire the services of a skilled and reputed criminal defense attorney to represent your case to preempt the possibility of any penalization, and consequent damage to your social and professional life.

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