Chad Michael Collins, Call of Duty, Sniper Films, Extinct

Chad Michael Collins, Call of Duty, Sniper Films, Extinct

Chad Michael Collins joined The Protectors to talk Call of Duty, the Sniper movies, comic books, grunge rock, field parties… tons of other topics!
Make sure you check out Chad as Alex in Modern Warfare and in the upcoming Sniper: Assassin’s End coming out June 16th!

From Chad’s Bio: Born and raised in the countryside of upstate New York, Collins moved to Los Angeles with a journalism degree in hand and began working for a boutique entertainment public relations firm. After a few years doing personal publicity, talent reps he worked alongside suggested he try an acting class. Over the course of several years treating acting as a hobby, Collins committed to the profession after some nice professional breaks lead to “Sniper: Reloaded” (2011), as the film shoot in South Africa changed his life and career trajectory.

Since then, Collins has amassed over 25 significant television and film credits in the past several years, doing everything from recurring and guest star work on primetime and cable TV to starring in lead roles on studio and independent films, enjoying comedic and dramatic roles alike. Collins has garnered fans both inside and out of the industry from his work starring in “Shooter”, “Christmas Cupid’s Arrow”, “Once Upon a Time”, “Freakish”, “Company of Heroes”, “NCIS”, “NCIS: New Orleans”, “Blue Bloods”, “2 Broke Girls”, “Castle”, “Bones”, “Lake Placid 2”, and many more.

Note: Big shout out to GUNNAR Optiks. With all the screen time from writing, editing, etc. They are really helping out. I picked up the Pendelton edition, they teamed up with OSD for this special edition.

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