Beauty Ideals in Pakistan

Beauty Ideals in Pakistan

I asked young Pakistanis what they think is considered beautiful for men and women in their country. Here’s what they had to say!

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English translation with time stamps:

1:04 – 1:26 I think in the Pakistani society people think that a girl should have long hair. She should be tall enough to be the same height as the guy without wearing heels and she should be fair (light-skinned) just like a model. I think that’s the type of girl parents want to get their sons married to.

1:29 – 1:34 The first think they will comment about a girl is how fair complexioned she is.

1:43 – 1:54 We have a lot of desi totkas (home remedies) saying you should do this and that, and use certain products to make your skin glow. But its not about having good healthy skin, it’s about having fair skin.

1:54 – 2:14 In Pakistan, girls who are light skinned, have long hair and, are skinny are thought to be beautiful. But if there’s someone who’s fat or dark-skinned or different from these ideals, they’re not considered beautiful. A lot of times families don’t marry their sons to them because of this as well.

2:22 – 2:31 Eyes are quite important, and Pakistanis prefer big eyes but not too big like that of a frog’s.

4:10 – 4:14 And we even have fair and lovely (popular skin-lightening cosmetic) for men as well, so that we can make them insecure as well.

4:17 – 4:34 Men should have a fair complexion and be tall, preferably above 6 feet. And, I guess hazel eyes, and a good physique are good for men. We say that if a guy is skinny, he might get blown away by the wind.

4:35 – 5:04 I think a guy should be tall, and be above 6 feet. He should have a deep voice, because our generation seems to like this trait. He should have colored eyes, light skin and have a well-shaped jawline. He should have a beard, dress well and smell good.

5:47 – 5:58 But although, beauty is considered important, but I think it’s more important that we see a person’s heart (how good or bad they are). This goes for both men and women.


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  1. It’s such a stupid idea that Pakistani people so badly want a lighter skin partner so badly this shows your so unattractive to your natural race and you hate this why your so beautiful and you the lighter skin among all Asians Pakistani women are born natural lighter than Indian and bengals and sir lankans we are some times more lighter than most European females and we Pakistani females are born natural with golden skin and blue eyes and green eyes and pure white skin I was married to a female in Asda Kashmir’s who was completely white with natural green eyes and a perfect body I just choose here as my wife without thing about I really need to find a white skin female she was the only female I saw and I married here regardless of her skin colour and she agreed to marry me and we were married for 16 years with 5 kids so it’s bull crap that men and females are obsessed with marring a white blonde doll it’s bull crap

  2. Here are a lot of people from Pakistan, so I have a question- Can muslim european women with blonde hair green eyes freckles on cheeks and skin white as a snow find a good husband in Pakistan? Is she attractive or rather disattractive for Pakistani boys/mens

  3. Pakistani people are obsessed with white skin lol and most pakistani girls are very hairy, probably less hairy then Indian and more hairy then bengalis, northern pakistani are genrally lighter,cities likes Islamabad and azad kashmir and also northern areas, and North Western western pakistan
    The amount of YouTubers on pak talking about skin whitening is unreal I thought it was Indian thing but pakistani are just as bad,even khakeej Arabs are obbsesed with light skin, in North Africa are soo much relaxed about skin colour u will see plenty of men with natural blonde hair blue eyes Maried black women and vise versa, there white is almost European white and prole don't care,
    Central asian people don't care either I suppose they are gnraly light skin including Turks,
    people who are usually obsessed with something is either they don't have it or they feel inferiority complex

  4. Haha.. The irony is girls specially red one talking about being natural and acceptance of one's self with wearing tons of makeup and contouring, why you yourself are not accepting the way your facial features are? Being natural is not only about color. If you're talking about someone's colored lense or hair dye why do you wear fake color on your lips or whole face? She is talking about being natural with her artificial face 😂😂😂

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