Bam-bam – evening outfit

Bam-bam - evening outfit

Bam-bam - evening outfit

Everywhere was chaos. He wished they’d turn the Klaxon off. Would give him time to think, to compose himself for this call. Nothing to be done about it. He pressed the number on the console and waited.

Finally, the phone connected to a young female voice. He recognised it as the new private secretary to the Prime Minister.
“Is he in?” he asked nervously.
“No,” said the female voice, “Prime minister’s questions. Is that Fairfax over at Saddleworth? Shall I get him to call you.”
“No,” he replied, “tell him it’s urgent. Get him out of the fucking House of Commons if you have to. Priority one.”
“He’ll want to know what it’s about?”
“Utmost secrecy”, he said sternly, “She has escaped”
“The PM will know what that means.”
“You don’t mean…”
“I’m afraid so”, he confirmed, “Bam-bam is loose. She tried to hang herself in her cell. When the orderly went in, she was alive enough to wrap her legs around his throat and…”
“Oh no”, said the girl’s voice, “how many did she…”
“Fourteen while she was unarmed and in her underwear, fourteen of the best men the British special forces have to offer. Cut them down like they were first day recruits. Now she’s armed and loose on the moors somewhere. Either that or she’s already on the bus to York.”
“I’ll get the PM immediately”, said the girl, “media blackout I presume?”
“One hundred percent. The area is completely sealed off with drones and eye in the sky. There’s nowhere she can go”
Let’s hope she’s read the script then. I’ll fetch Mr Johnson”

He ended the call and skimmed the data sheet on Bam-bam. Ju-jitsu expert, firearms expert, mercenary for hire, and enemy of the UK and US governments. Most wanted. They’d finally picked her up in Marseilles. She’d reverted to her Alysun Mann identity, and developed a taste for heroin, that had slowed her down enough to be surrounded and brought down. Knowing personally how hard it was to break such habits, he imagined that the first place she’d go was to score. He picked up the phone again…

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