Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 1 | ARY Digital Drama

Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 1 | ARY Digital Drama

Aisi Hai Tanhai Double Episode 01 – 02 – 8th November 2017 only on ARY Digital Official YouTube Channel.

If you constantly find your self trying to prove your love to someone; love is not there.

Hamza’s love is all that Pakeeza wishes for. Her blind trust on him completely destroys her life. To prove her love for Hamza, she sends inappropriate pictures to him without thinking about the problems she could face afterwards.

In result of those pictures, Pakeeza’s elder sister Kinza has to face problems in her married life.

Hamza marries Kinza because this is the only way he can pardon himself with this big sin.

“Aisi Hai Tanhai” talks about how social media can become a curse for some one’s life and destroy everything.

Writer: Mohsin Ali

Director: Badar Mehmood


Nadia Khan, as Kinza
Sonia Hussain, as Pakeeza
Sami Khan, as Hamza
Saba Hameed,
Shehryar Zaidi,
Seemi Pasha,
Kamran Jilani,
Sadia Ghafar and Others.

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  1. I am Indian American always worked not much time but recently was in car accident while driving and now out off work children handling the business so I just enjoy watching Pakistani dramas once I start I try to finish in one or two days but get in trouble with family mom aunt who come to spend time with me but it’s like adiction .

  2. باقی سب گردشِ حالات کی زد میں آئے
    اور ہم لوگ مکافات کی زد میں آئے

    میں تیرے بعد ہوں اجڑا ہوا گاؤں کوئی
    گاؤں جو قدرتی آفات کی زد میں آئے

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