1950 Brisbane Radio company advertisement

1950 Brisbane Radio company advertisement

Silent black and white film made by Robert McFarlane of ‘Music Masters Radio Company’ during the early 1950s to promote the service facilities of the company at a Trade Fair being held in Brisbane. Title on original can reads ‘Factory Service Film’.

The movie was shot on 9.5mm Pathe film for which Music Masters were the Brisbane sales outlet. Those appearing in the movie are: Housewife – Wife of Dave Lewis, Girl at switchboard – June Dunne, Girl in Service Department – Joy King, Service Manager – Dave Lewis, Outside serviceman – Newton Neilen, Inside serviceman – Doug Laver. Photography by R. McFarlane.

Basic plot line; a woman finds her radio doesn’t work and calls the Music Masters Radio Company. Her call is answered by a switch board operator who sends out a service van to repair the radio in the woman’s home. The film also demonstrates that Music Masters Radio Company carries out repairs to schools, hospitals, home and businesses. Shots of Brisbane such as the van driving over the Story Bridge, a tram destined for New Farm Wharf and some shots of the city streets are included. From the Music Masters Radio Company Motion Pictures Collection, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland (http://hdl.handle.net/10462/eadarc/6608)

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